Open positions at ETH Zurich
At ETH Zurich more than 30,000 people from 110 countries work, study and carry out research. ETH Zurich is a responsible employer to its staff, offering them progressive employment and working conditions and a wide range of further training options. Open positions are to be found here.
Position Workload Institution Workplace Released
Research Assistant (up to 5 months) 80% - 100% Institute of Integrative Biology Region Zurich 16.07.2019
Scientific Software Engineer / Developer (100%) 100% Scalable Parallel Computing Lab Region Zurich 15.07.2019
Mass Spectrometry Specialist 100% Institute of Biochemistry Region Zurich 11.07.2019
Head of Center for Projects in Education and Teaching (80-100%) 80% - 100% Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering Region Zurich 08.07.2019
Analyst Position: Image and big data analysis in pathology 100% The Biomedical Informatics group Region Zurich 04.07.2019
Scientific Collaborator for wind lidar data assimilation (100%) 100% Center for Climate Systems Modeling Region Zurich 01.07.2019
UX/UI Designer for Cooling Singapore (100%) 100% Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC) Singapore 25.06.2019
Mechanical/Robotics Engineer in Digital Construction (80-100%) 80% - 100% Architecture and Digital Fabrication Region Zurich 25.06.2019
Product engineer (80-100%) 80% - 100% Institute for Quantum Electronics (IQE), Optical Nanomaterial Group (ONG) Region Zurich 17.06.2019
Scientific Programmer (50-100%) 50% - 100% Center for Climate Systems Modeling (C2SM) Region Zurich 14.06.2019
We currently have 10 opportunities