Our group in the Institute for Chemical and Bioengeniering at the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences of ETH Zürich has an open PhD position in the framework of an ERC project. We offer a challenging position in an institution consistently ranked among one of the top universities in the world, with outstanding infrastructure and an interdisciplinary surrounding.
PhD in Molecular Chemistry /Physical Chemistry - to conduct interdisciplinary research in Supramolecular Chemistry (100%)
The aim of the project is using microfluidic environments mimicking bio-inspired conditions (controlled reaction and diffusion of reagents) to control non-covalent synthesis: going from thermodynamic products to non-equilibrium states (kinetically trapped, metastable, or dissipative states). A fundamental challenge to bring supramolecular chemistry as well as material engineering to the next level is obtaining non-equilibrium molecular assemblies, and this is the focus of the proposed PhD project. The PhD student will carry out the design and synthesis of new molecular building blocks, the study of kinetically controlled and dissipative self-assembly in microfluidic environments, as well as the characterization of the generated supramolecular assemblies by a range of spectroscopy and microscopy techniques, and other physicochemical tools. In addition, the student will be expected to present the obtained results at international conferences and as publications in peer-journals.
The ideal candidate has a master degree in Chemistry, Materials Science or in a related area, with skills and expertise in organic synthesis and supramolecular chemistry (and/or physical organic chemistry), along with knowledge of basic spectroscopy (UV-Vis, CD, Fluorescence). Experience with kinetic modelling and/or programming (e.g. Matlab, Python) is welcome, but not required. The candidate must demonstrate a very good command of spoken and written English, and is expected to be highly motivated, enthusiastic and creative.
We look forward to receive your online application including a CV, a motivation letter (please indicate your personal motivation to get this position and your research interests), and the contact details of two academics who can be contacted to provide a reference letter, until November 18, 2018. Please note that we exclusively accept applications submitted through our online application portal. Applications via email or postal services will not be considered.

For further information about our research group, please visit http://puigmartisgroup.com/. This PhD project will build on previous research carried out in our group with a main focus on the following two publications: J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2016, 138, 6920 -6923, and ACS Omega, 2017, 2, 8849-8858. Candidates can also look at our recent review on this topic: Chem. Soc. Rev., 2018, 47, 3788-3803. A big plus in the application will be suggesting ideas of how these investigations could be pushed forward by the candidate.
Question regarding the position and the group should be directed to Dr. Josep Puigmarti Luis (josep.puigmarti@chem.ethz.ch) or Dr. Alessandro Sorrenti (alessandro.sorrenti@chem.ethz.ch) with subject: PhD_Supramolecular (no applications).