DyVirt seeks to appoint 14 highly motivated Ph.D. candidates to a range of positions across Europe. The Early Stage Researcher (ESR) positions offer an exciting opportunity to work with leading experts across Europe to develop advanced virtual models for the dynamic behaviour of engineering structures, primarily for offshore wind energy applications via the DyVirt European Training Network (ETN), funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme.
PhD position: Developing hybrid testing for virtualisation
The scientific aim of DyVirt is to radically improve the level of trust that can be attributed to virtual models of the dynamic behaviour of engineering structures by augmenting models with data and advanced uncertainty analysis. These new developments will be implemented as a series of new verification and validation methods, with applications focused primarily on the wind energy sector.

The DyVirt network consists of leading academic institutions and companies from 7 different countries (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Poland, Switzerland and UK). ESRs 14 in particular is hosted at ETH Zurich.

ESR14 will primarily focus on methodological development of a hybrid testing framework for virtualization. Relating to the concept of digital twins, this project will focus on the case-study of a wind turbine sub-structure, tested under a hybrid scheme for the influence of varying soil-structure interface conditions. The research methodology encompasses numerical and analytical tools applied to the problem of hybrid testing, with particular emphasis on the challenges arising in the context of soil-structure interaction modelling, nonlinear structural dynamics, system identification, control theory and controller implementation. This doctoral student position is offered for 4 years with the earliest starting date in September 2018. Primary advisor is Prof. E. Chatzi, co-advisor is Prof. B. Stojadinovic, at D-BAUG ETH Zurich.
Applicants must hold a M.Sc. Diploma or equivalent in civil, mechanical or electrical engineering, geosciences, physics, applied mathematics, computer sciences or related fields, and be at the beginning of their research career. Principal qualifications include strong analytical and quantitative skills in numerical analysis, programming, high-performance computing, as well as skills in dynamics & control, data analysis and modelling, and interest in laboratory-based experimentation and engineering applications. A solid knowledge of English as the spoken and written language of work is mandatory. We expect good interpersonal skills, the ability to thrive in a diverse, multidisciplinary environment, ability to present work in international conference, as well as the willingness to spend a number of months working with project collaborators at partner universities in this project.

ETN Mobility Rules: Researchers can be of any nationality. At the time of recruitment, researchers must not have resided or carried out their main activity in the country of their host organization for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately before the reference date. Researchers must be in the first four years of their research careers and not yet have a doctoral degree.
We look forward to receiving your online application including: a clear designation DyVirt ESR14 you are applying for, a letter of motivation, a CV, electronic copies of your academic diplomas and certificates, and contact details for 2 referees preferably. The applications will be reviewed starting April 1, 2018 with the intent to conclude the search by the end of May 2018. Please note that we exclusively accept applications submitted through our online application portal. Applications via email or postal services will not be considered.

For further information please visit our website www.ibk.ethz.ch/en. Questions regarding the position should be directed by email to Prof. Eleni Chatzi (chatzi[at]ibk.baug.ethz.ch), and Prof. Bozidar Stojadinovic (stojadinovic[at]ibk.baug.ethz.ch). Please do not send applications via email.