The Chair for Information Architecture (iA), Department of Architecture at ETH Zürich is looking for an intern or student assistant to further develop a district-scale energy model as part of the project titled ESUM.
Student Intern or Assistant – Urban morphology based energy demand model
ESUM, Analysing trade-offs between Energy & Social performance of Urban Morphologies, is an SNF project where we principally investigate methods to estimate the impacts of urban morphology on citizen perception for case studies in Zurich, CH and Weimar, DE. We also compare the impact of urban morphology on building energy demand for a 1km2 area (~4,000 buildings) in the case study areas and link this to perception via descriptors of pure urban form (building geometry, isovists and street network configuration). Perception is measured through surveys and physiological data (using wearable devices) from participants who walk along select street networks. As a final outcome, we develop a predictive model to estimate the effects of pure urban form on perception and energy consumption of neighbourhoods.
Primary task of this position is to further develop the current building energy model for the Zurich case study using CitySim or to redevelop the model from scratch using the City Energy Analyst (CEA) tool given the building geometry and historic building data (heating systems, year of construction, occupancy, building types etc.). The model will be connected to a PostgreSQL database to manage the high volume of input/output data.
We are looking for an enthusiastic student with prior experience in either of the respective tools, which will require intermediate to advanced level of knowledge. The duration of employment is consistent with other student positions, 15 hours per week during the semester until the model is successfully completed.
We look forward to receiving your online application. Please address your application to Mr. Matthias Steiger, Human Resources. Please note that we exclusively accept applications submitted through our online application portal. Applications via email or postal services will not be considered.

For further information about the Chair for Information Architecture please visit our website Questions regarding the position should be directed to Danielle Griego by email (no applications).