The Swiss National Supercomputing Centre (CSCS) is operated by ETH Zurich and is located in Lugano, Switzerland. CSCS develops and provides key supercomputing capabilities for solving important problems in science and society. CSCS is leading an effort to develop scientific software and libraries for HPC platforms. This work involves close collaboration with domain scientists and working on cutting edge HPC technologies, to ensure that scientists will be able to fully utilize modern HPC systems. To this end, CSCS is has an open position at our office at ETH in Zurich for a
Scientific C++ Software Developer
The main role of this position is to develop software libraries for scientific computing, specifically performance-portable C++ libraries for many-core and GPU-accelerated HPC architectures. He or she will also be required to work closely with application developers and domain scientists to integrate these libraries into applications. The broad range of application domains includes molecular dynamics, electronic structure theory, neuroscience, fluid dynamics, geophysics, and weather and climate. This position is funded on a project basis, and contracts are offered for a two-year period. The position will be at ETH in Zurich, with occasional travel to the CSCS offices in Lugano.
We are looking for candidates with a sound knowledge of computer science and enthusiasm for software development. Strong working knowledge of C++, our main development language, along with experience in performance modeling, massively parallel MPI-based software, or CUDA programming is required. Close collaboration with domain scientists requires taking initiative, and will benefit from strong interpersonal and communication skills. Candidates should have a Master or Ph.D. in computer science, mathematics, physics or a related scientific discipline. The candidate should be enthusiastic about working in an international environment, and have an excellent command of English. Candidates preferably have experience with a wide range of HPC technologies such as GPUs, SIMD, multi-core and distributed systems, along with language and library solutions for such systems (e.g. vector intrinsics, CUDA, MPI, OpenMP, threading or task based runtimes). Experience with scientific software development as part of a team, version control and release management, integration and unit testing, or software engineering is beneficial. A good understanding of mathematics or expertise in an application domain is an advantage. We value the diversity of our team and particularly encourage female candidates to apply.
We look forward to receiving your online application including a letter of motivation, CV, diplomas and certificates of employment. Please address your application to Ms Stephanie Frequente, CSCS Human Resources, via Trevano 131, 6900 Lugano. Please note that we exclusively accept applications submitted through our online application portal. Applications via email or postal services will not be considered. We also do not take agency applications into consideration.

For further information about CSCS please visit our website Questions regarding the position should be directed to Mr. Ben Cumming by email (no applications).