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The School of Life Sciences and Facility Management is located in an attractive setting in Wädenswil, which is situated on the Lake of Zurich. The Environmental Genomics and Systems Biology research group is part of the interdisciplinary Institute of Natural Resource Sciences. For a project between researchers in Switzerland and in the Flemish part of Belgium (SNF-FWO) related to the international COST Action CA16110 HUPLANTControl, we are looking for a qualified
PhD student in Bioinformatics and Molecular Biology (60 %)
The project will investigate the effect of chitin soil amendment. The aim is to gain a deeper understanding of the mechanisms behind the suppressive effect on human pathogenic bacteria in the phyllosphere in order to offer an alternative to reduce the contamination risk of fresh produce during preharvest, the most important production step to reduce the human health risk. Your work will require to develop innovative computer analyses to integrate large and diverse OMICs datasets in order to provide a multiscale modelling of the interaction network. It will also involve microbiology, MALDI-TOF MS identification, sequencing, work with model plants and development of molecular tools for ecosystem monitoring. You are expected to actively shape the direction of the project and should be highly motivated, creative and curious. Your research could make a significant boost towards optimal ecosystem management to reduce foodborne illness and outbreaks in plant production systems.
You require a completed MSc in Bioinformatics, Biology or Genetics and first experience in the fields of microbiology, genetics or genomics. Advanced skills in programming, data visualization, statistics and modeling are required. Theoretical and practical experience with molecular biology (DNA/RNA isolation, RT-PCR), NGS or MALDI-TOF MS are an asset.

Fluent command of English (both written and spoken) is mandatory and knowledge in German or French is beneficial. You are expected to publish your data in scientific publications and you will participate with BSc/MSc student training.

The doctorate is awarded at the Science Faculty of the University of Zurich. The research will mainly be carried out at ZHAW in Wädenswil (www.zhaw.ch/iunr). Remuneration is based on the SNSF doctoral student rate. The starting date for the position is anticipated to be in April 2020.
For further information please contact Dr. Theo H.M. Smits, Head of Environmental Genomics and Systems Biology Research Group, theo.smits@zhaw.ch

To apply for this position, please submit your completed application via the online platform for the attention of Mrs. Sonja Gut, HR Consultant. Please note that applications via email will not be considered.
For further information on our Institute, go to: www.zhaw.ch
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