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Research & Development R&D of the field emission electron source is a key for realizing compact and high‐performance electron microscopes beyond the state‐ofthe‐ art as well as next generation compact accelerator‐based photon sources. Recent highlights of the field emitter research at PSI include the importance of the electron coherence in the condensed matter on the spatial coherence of the field emission beam. Field emitters fabricated from Dirac materials with unprecedented electron transport properties provide an exciting opportunity to realise a highly coherent electron source, but yet to be explored.

For investigating the coherence properties of field emission cathodes fabricated from Dirac materials, we are looking for a
PhD Student in Dirac materials field emission cathodes
Your tasks
You will design and fabricate field emitter devices from Dirac materials optimized for measurements of electron interference characteristics and conduct experiments to quantify the correlation between the spatial coherence and the electron transport and wave function in solid. You will join an international collaboration with AIST, Japan, University of Lyon, France, and FZJülich, Germany. The successful candidate will be affiliated to the University of Zürich with PD Dr. Tatiana Latychevskaia as the academic supervisor.
Your profile
We seek a highly motivated PhD candidate willing to work in an international collaborative environment with the background of physics or electronic engineering in the field of electronic transport in condensed matter / 2D materials, electron beam characterization, or in related fields. Experience in the microfabrication in clean rooms will be a plus.
We offer
Our institution is based on an interdisciplinary, innovative and dynamic collaboration. You will profit from a systematic training on the job, in addition to personal development possibilities and our pronounced vocational training culture. If you wish to optimally combine work and family life or other personal interests, we are able to support you with our modern employment conditions and the on‐site infrastructure.

For further information, please contact Dr Soichiro Tsujino, e-mail:

Please submit your application online by 31 March 2023 for the position as a PhD Student in Dirac materials field emission cathodes (index no. 2450‐00).

Paul Scherrer Institut, Human Resources Management, Silja Giacomini‐Diebold, 5232 Villigen PSI, Switzerland