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For the Large Research Facilities Division we are looking for a
Multiphysics Analysis of the PSI RING Cyclotron Third Harmonic RF Flat-Topping Cavity
Your tasks
RF and mechanical scientists have designed the installed 150-MHZ flat-topping cavity of the RING cyclotron in the 1970's without the electromagnetic and mechanical software that are now available and routinely used. The actual cavity having shown this past years some serious signs of weakness, a new cavity is being designed with the ANSYS Multiphysics simulation software. However, to optimize the characteristics of this new cavity, a quantitatively understanding of the actual cavity’s weaknesses, both structural and electromagnetic, is highly required. This project ambitions such a reinvestigation by means of intensive ANSYS Multiphysics simulations.

The tasks to be assigned are the following:
  • Calculation of the actual cavity eigenfrequencies and eigenmodes under ambient atmosphere and under vacuum
  • Thermal analysis of the cavity under actual RF power operation
  • Calculation of the mechanical deformation and associated frequency shifts induced by the operation under vacuum and by the actual one-sided tuning system
  • Quantitative assessment of the RF fields leakage induced by such mechanical deformations
  • Depending on the time required to fulfill the above tasks, multipactor analysis of the cavity
An internal report shall summarize the obtained results.
Your profile
  • You are a student in engineering or physics (minimum 4 semesters)
  • You have not yet completed your Master’s thesis
We offer
Our institution is based on an interdisciplinary, innovative and dynamic collaboration.

The contract will be limited to 3 months.

For further information, please contact Dr Jean-Yves Raguin, phone +41 56 310 52 72.

Please submit your application online for the position as a Trainee (index no. 8414-T1).

Paul Scherrer Institut, Human Resources Management, Patrizia Meister, 5232 Villigen PSI, Switzerland