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The Department of Process Engineering has a vacancy for a master student:
Master thesis in modelling of aerobic granular sludge systems applied to municipal wastewater Treatment

Aerobic granular sludge (AGS) systems represent a relevant alternative to conventional activated sludge systems and a range of AGS models were developed to better understand those systems (Baeten et al., 2019; Sun et al., 2019; van Dijk et al., 2020). But the development of those AGS models mainly relied on observations made at lab-scale, resulting in the following limitations: (1) sludge bed stratification over the reactor height is neglected as the feeding phase is modelled as completely mixed - variable volume, while full-scale AGS systems are operated as a plug-flow (PF) - constant volume sequencing batch reactor (SBR), (2) flocs are ignored while present in non-negligible fractions in AGS (10-30%) and thus influencing the effluent quality, (3) the excess sludge removal and SRT control is not performed as a function of the settling properties and thus not selective. As a result, the performances of full-scale AGS systems cannot be predicted correctly. Eawag is therefore developing a new AGS model, relevant for the understanding, failures identifications and design of AGS systems. The main objective of the proposed master thesis is to (1) further develop the Eawag AGS model by confronting it to datasets from full-scale AGS installations and (2) use the calibrated model to better understand the influence of operating conditions on the systems performances.

We are looking for a master student with initial knowledge in water treatment processes and modelling. The candidate should have strong interests in (1) advanced technologies for biological wastewater treatment, (2) microbial processes applied to wastewater treatment and (3) modelling of biological wastewater treatment. The preferred starting date is June 2021.

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Applications must be submitted by 30 June 2021 and should include an application letter describing your interests and their relevance to this position, a CV, list of lectures and grades, and the names and contact information for three references.

For further information, please contact Dr Nicolas Derlon.

We look forward to receiving your application. Please send it through this webpage, any other way of applying will not be considered. A click on the button below will take you directly to the application form.

Applications from employment agencies/personnel consultants are not welcome and will not be considered.

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