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The Department of Urban Water Management (SWW) is looking for a
Master Student for Modeling the effects of drastic changes in wastewater quality and quantity on sewer systems
Topic: Increasing the efficiency of urban wastewater systems is a critical challenge for global sustainability. In most affluent cities, centralized wastewater infrastructures are widely established. However, in many cases, these investment intensive centralized systems may no longer provide the best solution. These cases may include situations in which expensive rehabilitation is needed or when flexibility of the systems is desired due to anticipated changes in climate, in land use and in demography. Attractive technical alternatives to replace or complement existing centralized systems are widely being developed. These include novel systems for drastic reduction in domestic water consumption and for decentralized wastewater reuse. Decentralized systems allow to provide desired flexibility and the localization of required services and performances. Implementation of such systems changes the quality and quantity of the wastewater discharged to the sewer system. Such changes can negatively affect the operation of exciting centralized systems. These effects may include phenomena of the accumulation of solids in sewer pipes, increasing rates of blockages and the formation of unpleasant or toxic gases (such as volatile organic acids, hydrogen sulfide or methane).

In the proposed Master research, we aim at analysing the effects of changes in wastewater quantity and quality on the operation of sewer systems. This will be part of a research investigating the feasibility of transition from a fully centralized system with high water consumption to a system integrating decentralized water reuse systems.

The research will consist of following main steps

We are looking for a high motivated and initiative candidate with interest in integrated modeling and processes in sewer systems. Suitable candidates for this project are expected to be students, for MSc degrees in environmental sciences or a related discipline. Comprehensive knowledge in Matlab and/or R is an asset.

The closing date for applications is 1 April 2018 or until filled. Please submit your application including a curriculum vitae and copies of your academic qualifications. The preferred starting date is 1st of in May resp. in agreement with the involved parties. It will be supervised by the advisor Dr Roni Penn and supervisor Prof. Dr Max Maurer.
For further information, please contact Dr Roni Penn, Email roni.penn@eawag.ch.

We look forward to receive your application. Please send it through this webpage, any other way of applying will not be considered. A click on the button below will take you directly to the application form.
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