Data Protection Declaration

1. All personal data from your application and all attachments will be collected, processed and used by Empa solely for the evaluation, allocation and forwarding of your

    application. Your personal data are accessible only to the Human Resources Managers of Empa and in individual cases will be made available to selected line managers

    and, in exceptional cases, to external third parties called in for recruitment. 

2. All personal data is only processed within the framework of the recruiting and hiring process. Your data can be transferred for this purpose within the ETH Domain to

    the persons entrusted with the processing. We reserve the right to review your application for other suitable positions within Empa.

3. Six months after completion of the recruitment process, your data and documents will be deleted, unless there has been a hiring or re-application in the meantime.

4. You assure that your data is true, current and complete. We point out that untruthful data could result in the dissolution of a possible employment relationship.

5. Your data will be transmitted in encrypted form via the Internet address Data processing is based on general standards for data security in accordance

    with the current state of the art. All parties involved have committed themselves to strict confidentiality and will therefore not pass on any personal user data to

    unauthorized third parties. After receipt of your application you will immediately receive a reply by e-mail. In case of hiring, Empa can transfer personal data from your

    application and all documents submitted via the online application to the electronic personnel file.

6. If you have subscribed to the Job Mail Service, we will keep your first and last name and e-mail address in the system until you unsubscribe this service. If you still have

    applications pending in the system at the time of cancellation, we refer to point 3 of this data protection declaration.

7. You can request information about the status of your application and the data submitted. You may have your electronic data changed or deleted at any time.

    Please address your request for information, changes or deletion to the Human Resources contact person named in the job advertisement.

8. We make every effort to ensure that this data protection declaration is up to date. Therefore make sure to check regularly whether you are already familiar with the

    latest version of our data protection declaration.

9. By clicking the button "I accept the data privacy agreement" you agree to the processing of your data. Your consent to data processing will be logged. 

We wish you every success with your application.

In case of any inconsistencies between the English and the German version of this document the German version shall prevail.

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