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The Laboratory for Magnetic and Functional Thin Films is offering a
Ph.D. position in Magnetic Thin Film Multilayers with Interfacial Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction Supporting Skyrmions
Job description:
For this specific project, we will design and fabricate ferro- and ferrimag-net-based thin film multilayer systems using advanced multi-source ultra-high vacuum (UHV) sputter deposition systems. The macroscopic magnetic properties of these systems will be determined using vibrating sample magnetometry (VSM). The local magnetic properties will be investigated using our home-built quantitative and high-resolution magnetic force microscopy (MFM) systems. MFM provides sub-monolayer sensitivity for magnetic thin films and all three vector components of the stray field above the sample can be quantitatively measured with a lateral resolution down to about 10nm. The skyrmion dynamics will also be investigated by performing MFM on prototypical devices under applied current pulses.
We offer a highly stimulating research environment with an excellent infrastructure, including MFM systems that can be operated at room temperature in fields of up to 300mT and at lower temperatures - from 5K to about 150K - in fields of up to 7T. In addition, the successful candidate will benefit from collaborations within a larger multidisciplinary international research team that will cover further experimental and theoretical aspects of this project.

Applicant's profile:
We seek a candidate with an M.S. degree in experimental Physics or a closely related discipline, having a strong motivation to study novel physical phenomena at the nanoscale using unique experimental equipment. A successful applicant should have a solid background and a proven record in one or more of the following: magnetism and magnetic materials, thin-film deposition techniques, photolithography and device microfabrication, (UHV) scanning probe microscopy (e.g. AFM, MFM, STM), VSM or SQUID magnetometry measurements. Excellent communication skills and a good verbal and written command in English are also required.
For further information about the position please contact Prof. Dr. Hans J. Hug hans-josef.hug@empa.ch and visit our websites www.empa.ch/web/s203 and Empa-Video

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