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Fully funded PhD studentship by  (The UNIVERSITY of EDINBURGH  )  available on 3D optically responsive nanostructured cell scaffolds. This is a 4-year PhD (unlike the standard 3.5 year UK PhD), as it is within the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Intelligent Sensing and Measurement. You will learn how to synthesize and characterize optical nanostructures for monitoring clinically relevant bio-markers, how to fabricate 3D nanostructures (3D nanoprinting), how to integrate optical probes within cell scaffolds, how to assess in vitro sensor performance and how to work with cell cultures. Within the project you will use state-of-the-art characterization techniques. Part of the work will be carried out at the material research institute Empa in St. Gallen (Switzerland) (ETH domain).
PhD studentship (3D electrospun hydrogel cell scaffold with opto-responsive fiber core for extracellular oxygen and pH mapping)

Responsibilities and Duties

You will work with our prototype 3D nanoprinter, make solutions and hydrogels, use cell cultures and microscopes (SEM, confocal, fluorescent, etc.).

Qualifications and Skills

 Experience with cell cultures and/or nanotechnology is required.


 You will receive the standard UK stipend (~£15,446.00/year) for 4 years (tax free). Your salary will increase every year. You will also receive health insurance.

To apply for this position, please send all the relevant documents (a letter of motivation, CV, diplomas with transcripts and contact details of two referees) to this e-mail: claudio.toncelli@empa.ch.

 The position is open to all nationalities, but UK nationalities are preferred. Application deadline: 31th March 2018. See Link:


For further information about the position please contact Claudio Toncelli claudio.toncelli@empa.ch