Data Protection Declaration



1.    Data Protection Advisory and Consent Declaration 
SIB is committed to safeguarding your personal information. The protection of your personal data is a matter we take very seriously, and we want you to know what data we save when. In this Data Protection Advisory and Consent Declaration we inform you of the data protection measures we have in place. For further information, please consult the SIB Privacy Policy (


2.    Consent
By clicking on the button labelled “Data Protection Consent”, you consent to the storage and processing of your data, and provide the company with your personal data for job search and/or employment referral purposes. Your consent to data processing is logged. Your data is stored and processed on the systems of our software partner Refline AG.


3.    Data Protection and Confidentiality
Data protection is very important to us. SIB and software partner Refline AG have implemented the organisational and technological measures necessary to ensure that your application remains confidential. All employees of SIB, of our software partner and of third parties utilised for support are obligated under provisions in their employment or hiring contract to uphold strict confidentiality regarding personal data. Data is transmitted SSL-encrypted. Data is processed in accordance with general data security standards based on the current state of technology.


4.     Usage purpose of your personal data
In the application process, the usual correspondence data, such as postal address, e-mail address and telephone numbers, are stored in the applicant database in addition to the applicant's form of address, surname and first name. In addition, all documents you submit in the application process are saved. This data is stored, evaluated and processed or internally forwarded. This data may be processed for statistical purposes (e.g. reporting). It is not possible to reference the data to individuals.

5.    Access to Data

The data you have disclosed to us will be handled confidentially. In connection with specific applications, SIB shall only allow persons involved in filling the position/s in question to access the data you have disclosed. Until you should notify us otherwise, we reserve the right to take receipt of your application and review it for the purpose of filling other suitable job openings at SIB.

In particular, the People & Culture staff of SIB and theline manager/s responsible for candidate selection at SIB shall have access to the data you have disclosed. The relevant manager is only granted read access to the data you have disclosed when an application for a specific position is put on the selection shortlist.

In exceptional cases, staff of our software partner who have been involved for support reasons will also be given read access to the data you have disclosed.

In no case will your data be forwarded to other companies or persons, or used for any other purposes.


6.    Security 
SIB has technological and organisational security measures in place to protect your data against accidental or malicious manipulation, loss, alteration, destruction and accessing by unauthorised persons. Personal data is transmitted encrypted as part of data collection and processing to prevent authorised third-party use. The security measures we have implemented are updated on an ongoing basis as the state of technology advances.


7.    Right to information

You may file a request for information to be notified of the data about you which is subject to processing. Please contact our People & Culture department to file an information request. 
You may have your electronic data changed or deleted at any time.
Please contact our People & Culture department for change and deletion requests as well at


8.    Deletion of Data 

Application documents of applicants for a specific open position will be deleted no later than six (6) months after the date of filling of the position applied for if no other relevant position has become available. You expressly agree that application documents in the applicant pool may still be processed during a period of six (6) months following filling of the position applied for if there are prospects for the documents to be used for another open position. Irrespective thereof, you may at any time have your electronic data deleted by contacting us per the above (item7).


Your application documents will however not be deleted if you obtain the position you applied for.


9.    Liability

Electronic filing of your application is at your own responsibility and risk. Liability on the part of SIB is excluded to the extent permitted by law.


We wish you success with your application.