To reinforce the team in Fribourg, Switzerland, University of Fribourg is seeking a Post-doctoral.
Post-doctoral position in comparative genomics


Work Location

Fribourg, Switzerland

Employment fraction


Type of contract


Job tasks
SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics provides bioinformatics services and resources for scientists and clinicians in Switzerland and worldwide. SIB collaborates closely with both academic and private partners. The position below is a job opening in the context of such a collaboration. 

The Blanchoud lab (University of Fribourg) and the Tiozzo lab (CNRS, Sorbonne University) together with the Falquet group (SIB) are offering one year SNF funded post-doc position on a project that aims to survey horizontal gene transfers in Tunicates, the sister group of vertebrates. In particular, the candidate will perform a coherent and integrated analysis of all currently available genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic data to estimate the extent of functional foreign genetic material and their potential role in these marine chordates.

Profile requirements
We are looking for a highly motivated bioinformatician with the following qualifications:
  • PhD degree in Bioinformatics, Computer Science, or a related field- Strong experience in the development of bioinformatic analysis workflows
  • Proficiency in suitable programming languages (e.g. Python, R)
  • Familiarity with HPC systems
  • Background in evolutionary biology and/or biochemistry would be a plus but is not required

How to apply
If you are interested in this challenging and highly interesting position, please send your application including CV and letter of motivation to Simon Blanchoud (