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To reinforce our team in Lausanne, Switzerland, we are seeking a Bioinformatician-Biostatistician.
Bioinformatician-Biostatistician at BCF - Mauro Delorenzi group


SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics



Work city

Lausanne, Switzerland

Employment fraction


Type of contract


Job tasks
We would like to integrate in our (core facility and research) team coordinated by Mauro Delorenzi a young or senior bioinformatician-biostatistician with a strong background in statistics and computational sciences (f.ex. PhD in statistics, bioinformatics, statistical or computational physics or chemistry), and ideally with experience in experimental design or in modern genetics-genomics data analysis.

The primary job consists in:
  • Teaching courses (together with a senior team member)
  • Running a project-data analysis service (together with a senior team member)
  • Contributing to biomedical research projects and to publishing results
  • Assisting and consulting scientists at all levels from master students to professors.
The activity ranges from giving simple advice, to consulting in complex problems. It gives excellent opportunities to become expert in biomedical bioinformatics and biostatistics, as well as to become familiar with about technologies and project planning questions. Overall, you will acquire skills that are becoming key for the whole field of modern biomedical research and offer excellent career perspectives in the academic, hospital and private sectors.

The most typical data analysis types include :
  • Molecular data (genome and exome NGS for mutation calling; mRNA and miRNA quantification, ChIP-seq data, siRNA and drug screens)
  • Multivariable statistical association and regression analyses, hypothesis testing, survival analysis etc.
  • Biological and molecular information in forms of gene sets, gene networks, tumor subtypes and the like.
Most projects are conducted in collaborations with bio/medical experts and are embedded in an international team of molecular biological laboratories and medical researchers. We are located in the
genomic center of the University Lausanne, in a mixed experimental-bioinformatics environment, on the UNIL-EPFL lakeside campus. The BCF is associated to the new inter-institutional Swiss Cancer
Center Lausanne, the local Ludwig Cancer Center / Oncology Department of the University and Hospital Lausanne.
Profile requirements
  • Interest for research at the crossroads of experimental and computation methods within a heterogeneous team (biology, genomics, computing, statistics, informatics)
  • Passion and skills for teaching, typically 3 to 5-days long intensive block courses focused on a specific bioinformatics or statistical topic
  • Ability and ambition to help to drive projects and to further develop a small bioinformatics service unit
  • Interest in Modern Biology and Medicine and modern research
  • Strong team attitude and good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent English speaking and writing skills.

Additional specific skills of interest

  • Expertise in advanced biostatistical methods for the analysis of genomic / genetic data, specifically in the use of the R software environment
  • Experience in heavy computational data analysis and advanced programming and management.

Salary & Benefits
Salary: 70-90k CHF (65-80 k€) per year, depending on experience and qualifications.
We also offer an attractive Swiss social security system.

Job contact person
Dr. Mauro Delorenzi,,

Lausanne is a beautiful lakeside city, with excellent universities, a nice campus, and a dynamically growing economy, in the French speaking Alps area.


How to apply
If you are interested in this challenging and highly interesting position, please submit your application including CV and letter of motivation through our online portal by clicking the "Apply" button.