Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL

The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL is part of the ETH Domain. Approximately 600 people work on the sustainable use and protection of the environment and on the handling of natural hazards.

The research unit Biodiversity and Conservation Biology studies the diversity of life in its various forms, from genetic diversity to the diversity of species and ecosystems as well as their interactions. The research group Ecosystem Dynamics is searching for a project for 14 months, starting between January and March 2021 a

PostDoc in Bryophyte Conservation & Ecology (80-100%)
In the course of this project you will analyse how intrinsic and extrinsic factors affect together the extinction risk of European bryophytes. Extinction risk is not randomly distributed among species and areas but depends on intrinsic (i.e. species traits) and extrinsic factors (e.g. habitat destruction). Knowledge on these factors contributes to predict and mitigate extinctions risks, and thus results in improved biodiversity management. You will use data from the European Bryophyte Red List such as threat status and threat factors and data on species traits likely related to extinction risk (e.g. life history factors such as mating type). This list was published in 2019 and includes Red List assessments of all 1’796 bryophyte species occurring in Europe of which thirty-two percent are considered threatened or near threatened. Data on bryophyte traits will be compiled in the scope of the project, by using various already existing lists and literature sources. The project is led by Ariel Bergamini (WSL) and Irene Bisang (Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm). Your working place will be at WSL, Switzerland.

You have acquired a PhD in biology, or environmental sciences, with a strong background in bryophyte ecology and conservation, data management and statistical analyses. You are familiar with a range of statistical analyses which you conduct in R. Ideally, you are familiar with the IUCN system for assessing the Red List status of species. You are ambitious and highly motivated and have a good publication record. You are used to a high standard of independent, structured and careful work and collaboration within an international team.

Please submit your complete application online to Michèle Bucher, Human Resources WSL, by uploading the requested documents through our webpage. Applications via email will not be considered. Ariel Bergamini, Tel. +41 44 739 23 32 will be happy to answer any questions or offer further information. The WSL strives to increase the proportion of women in its employment, which is why qualified women are particularly called upon to apply for this position.

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